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Blue biotechnology

  Blue biotechnology Aquatic Biotechnology /Marine Biotechnology B iotechnology has a wide area like it relates all the biosphere in one word i.e. biotechnology. Biotechnology has an enormous scope. Biotechnology provides all the services that we use daily. When we see aquatic yes! there is also a biotechnology role. Biotechnology when concerned with water or we can say aquatic this type of biotechnology is known as Blue biotechnology .  Blue biotechnology deals with all aquatic life like fish, petroleum shellfish, sponges, etc. It is also concerned with oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers. In short, we can say that Blue biotechnology shows its application part of molecular biological methods that are applied to marine and freshwater organisms. Blue biotechnology is an application part of biotechnology that is associated with biodiversity in aquatic life. 5 Major Role of Blue Biotechnology : The role of blue biotechnology is very vast like- It deals with the supply of food products tha