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Transgenic mice

  Transgenic mice Application of Transgenic mice as an animal model to detect various human disease T here is an intense connection between animals and human beings. The dependence of man on animals for various purposes is well known like man's use of cattle, sheep, poultry, pig, and fish for milk, eggs, wool, etc. To fulfill his needs, man uses improved varieties of animals for various purposes. Nowadays he carried selective breeding methods for the improvement of animals. This method primarily involves a combination of mating and selection of animals with improved genetic traits to create the desired character in animals.  Possible manipulation at the genetic level to get the desired character in animals is known as Transgenesis . Transgenesis refers to the phenomenon of the introduction of exogenous DNA into the genome to create to maintain a stable heritable character. Transgenic animals with new heritable characteristics are known as Genetically Engineered or Genetically Modif