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Miyawaki Technology — The Potted Seedling Method

  Miyawaki Technology — The Potted Seedling Method Experience of Afforestation                                                         Photo Courtesy of Author Pollution, we are all familiar with this term very accurately. There is a deep connection between pollution and deforestation. The united states Environmental Protection Agency defines deforestation as the  “permanent removal of standing Forests” .The removal, however, occurs for a variety of different reasons and has a variety of devastating consequences. Forest loss can cause around 10% of global warming. To escalate our lifestyle, to enhance urbanization, and many more reasons behind deforestation. We never think before cutting trees about its harmful impact on our environment and effects on the next generation. Loss of vegetation can cause desertification also. Question- is plants play an important role in our life? Yes, plants play a very important role not even in our life but in the climate too. When we see plants all aro