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3 major tools & techniques used for Plant Tissue Culture

3 Major tools & techniques Used for Plant Tissue Culture Source: pH and pH meter Autoclave  Laminar air flow bench pH and PH meter The hydrogen ion concentration of most solutions is extremely low. In 1909 Sorenson introduced the term pH as a convenient way of expressing hydrogen ion concentration. pH of a solution is strictly defined as the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity. pH meter is a device used to measure the pH. It is used to adjust the required pH of the medium that is to be used for the proper growth and development of the specific plant. Autoclave An autoclave is used to sterilize medium, glassware, and tools for the purpose of plant tissue culture. Sterilization is carried out by increasing moist heat (121 degrees Celsius) due to increased pressure inside the vessel (15-22 psi, pounds per square inch or 1.02 to 1.56 kg/cm2)for 15 minutes for routine sterilization. Moist heat kills the microorganism and makes the material contaminate free from