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White biotechnology

  White biotechnology Biotechnology in the Industrial Sphere B iotechnology has a wide area of application that plays a very important role in our daily life. There is one important field of biotechnology known as ‘White biotechnology’.White biotechnology is just an implementation of biotechnology in the industrial sphere that helps the growing bioeconomy. The primary key tools of white technology are Biocatalyst . Biocatalysts are widely used in various chemical and agro-food industries.  Biocatalysts are new enzymes and microorganisms that are the improved version of enzymes that act as a toolbox that is used in evaluation techniques that are applied in Enzyme engineering. Now, the question is why this biotechnology is known as white biotechnology the answer is when we apply application part of this field in our daily life during the practical process we use molds, bacteria, yeast, and different enzymes that help to synthesize products that are easy to degrade, they create less wast

50 Important Abbreviations Used in Biotechnology Field

  50 Important Abbreviations Used in Biotechnology Field  ABE : A cetone, B utanol, and E thanol ATP : A denosine T ri p hosphate  ADP : A denosine D i p hosphate  AMP : A denosine M ono p hosphate  APP : A denosine P yro p hosphate AS-PCR : A llele- S pecific P olymerase C hain R eaction  BACs : B acterial A rtificial C hromosomes  CBM : C arbohydrate- B inding M odule  CBP : C onsolidated B io p rocessing  cDNA : C omplementary D eoxyribonucleic A cid COD : C hemical O xygen D emand  CRISP : C lustered R egularly I nterspaced S hort P alindromic R epeats  DRANCO : Dr y An aerobic Co mposting  DNA : D eoxyribo n ucleic A cid  E.coli  : E scherichia c oli  ELISA : E nzyme- L inked I mmunosorbent A ssay  EST : E xpressed S equence T ag  FBA : F lux B alance A nalysis  FISH : F luorescent i n s itu H ybridization  FRT : F lippase R ecognition T arget  GC : G as C hromatography  GEMs : G enetically E ngineered M icroorganism s   GMOs : G enetically M odified O rganism s   G6PDH : G lucos