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Genus Blepharis : Blepharis mitrata plant

  Genus Blepharis  Blepharis mitrata  plant                                                                        Photo  H ey Friends! Have you any idea regarding Blepharis mitrata ?  No! Then let’s start the discussion about Blepharis mitrata. Blepharis mitrata is a plant found in rocky areas of Namibia (a Country in Southern Africa). This plant does not grow in the dunes. The whole plant is spiny with elliptical-shaped leaves. It is a species of plant in the family Acanthaceae ( the acanthus family). Other species of the Blepharis genus are B.grossa and B.pruinosa . Blepharis mitrata plants have medicinal properties to help cure hemorrhoids, Fontanel hardening, cough, and wounds. Taxonomic details  Kingdom- Plantae Subkingdom- Viridaeplantae Phylum- Tracheophyta Subphylum-Euphyllophytina Infraphylum-Radiatopses Class-Magnoliopsida Subclass-Lamiidae Superorder -Lamianae Order-Scrophulariales Family -Acanthaceae Genus-Blepharis List of Plants of Genus Blepharis Blepharis attenuata N