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  e-Waste  e-waste leads to e -Pollution  photo / Unsplash  H ey! Have you seen the new brand phone, with new advanced features, come into the market? Oh great! But recently I got a new phone on my birthday. It is OK! But you can also buy this brand-new phone. Not a big deal ……… Wait! Wait! Wait  Read it ...... " As the pace of technology increases, the amount of toxic electronic waste is pilling up at home and abroad " -Gene Green  Have you heard about e-waste? e-Waste E-waste known as Electronic waste includes electronic components like computers, televisions, computers, VCRS, Laptops, Printers, video screens, air conditioners, and any types of home appliance that are currently not in our use and dumped on the land it further creates and causes different types of pollution that are not fit for human health and of course even not good for our environment also. This type of e-waste creates a problem for our environment because, during the decomposition process of this waste,