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Gold biotechnology

  Gold biotechnology The application of Bioinformatics in the biotechnology field is very vast. Have you heard about how computational biology take part in our daily life? Y es, Bioinformatics plays an important role in biotechnology. This is a recently developed science using the information to understand the biological phenomenon. Bioinformatics is a combination of biology and information technology. Basically, there is broadly involves the computational tools and method that helps to manage, analyze, to manipulate, and to store the biological data. Bioinformatics is a subdiscipline of biology and computer that is basically used in the form of bioengineering. computers are very essential to handle large volumes of biological data. Bioinformatics is an essential tool for research in biotechnology and other biomedical sciences.  Bioinformatics basically covers many specialized and advanced areas of biology like -Functional genomics, structural genomics, DNA microarrays, and medical inf

Kefir -Gluten Free Drink

 Kefir Drink - Gluten-Free Drink  T oday, as we see all around us there are so many health issues. one major health issue related to our immune system that depends upon the food that we consume, methods of food preparation that we use, the environment where we live, food adulterations existing in our food sometimes all of these factors are not good for our health, it slows up immune response result give on to disease. To get the better of all these diseases and to boost up the immune response there is require to our body some special probiotic drink that super drinks that help to enhance the immune response the name of this drink are known as  kefir drink. Kefir is a fermented milk drink made up of kefir grains .  Kefir grains  are a specific mesophilic symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Due to fermentation, it is slightly carbonated and fizzy. The color of the Kefir grain is white or yellow. Kefir drink is tangy, creamy as a smoothie, tart, slightly acidic, and a little bit simi