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7 ways to be Eco-Friendly

  7 ways to be Eco-Friendly   “The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It” -Robert Sawan Being Eco-friendly is like a true bonding with nature. As we know today's scenario of our environmental condition is so much worst. Now, it’s time to be aware of our environmental condition. There is one of the most important things is balancing between human and their environment. Balancing when existing between both of them then it is easy to maintain all the things that are existing surrounding us. Being Eco-friendly, being a protector of the environment. Here are some ways to become eco-friendly - 1. By Planting More Trees “To Plant Trees Is to Give Body and Life to One’s Dreams of a Better World”-Russell Page Plants play a role in our lives and our environments too. Plants are necessary for nature, biodiversity, and human beings. Growing plants improve the absorption of carbon dioxide in our environment, which is the solution to many proble
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Wrapping Food items in newspapers cause health hazards

  Wrapping Food items in newspapers cause health hazards (May Shows Carcinogenic effects)                                 Photo by  Louis Hansel@Shotsoflouis @louishhansel  on Unsplash “Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock”-Ben Hecht. N ewspaper paper that provides news. Publications usually issued in the newspaper provide information of public interest in the form of news. It is printed and distributed daily or weekly. In the newspaper, there are several columns related to subjects like science, sports, crime, fashions, etc. also provide information in the form of print paper. For printing, newspaper-specific ink is used. Different chemicals are used to print the newspaper. Ink black and color is used for printing. Researchers show older newspaper inks are known to be toxic and not to be safe due to petroleum-based ink being used with a high amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (V

Seed Crackers : Celebrate with Nature via ‘Beej Patakha ‘

  Seed Crackers  celebrate with Nature via ‘Beej Patakha ‘ P ollution is everywhere, When we see it all around us pollution is present everywhere either in the form of water, soil, air, and soil. There is some pollution that is hazardously produced by man. One of the major pollution that degrade our air is air pollution that we formed during our festive season by sprinkling cracker smoke in our atmosphere. Further this sparkling spark our body in the form of various respiratory diseases. Man is the only animal that fouls its own nest -Anomynous Now, we have to be aware of this air pollution causing pollutants and need to change our minds during the upcoming festive season and need to break the chain. If you want to burn the crackers then you can replace the harmful chemical crackers with eco-friendly seed crackers.  Now, the question arises in our mind- What are seed Crackers? The answer is here - Seed crackers are looks like traditional crackers but the difference is seed crackers co

20 Important types of equipment names that are used in the biotechnology field

  Name of equipment used in the Biotechnology lab Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done-Robert A. Heinlein  List of Name of Equipment used in a biotechnology lab  Autoclave Bioreactor Centrifuge Electrophoresis chamber Gas Chromatography  High — Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC) Incubators Laminar Air Flow Magnetic Stirrer Microcentrifuges Micropippete  Microscope pH Meter Plate Reader  Sonicator Spectrophotometry Thermal Cycler Vacuum Desiccators  Vortex Mixer  Weighing Scale Without laboratories, men of science are soldiers without arms-Louis Pasteur Image Reference

Transgenic mice

  Transgenic mice Application of Transgenic mice as an animal model to detect various human disease T here is an intense connection between animals and human beings. The dependence of man on animals for various purposes is well known like man's use of cattle, sheep, poultry, pig, and fish for milk, eggs, wool, etc. To fulfill his needs, man uses improved varieties of animals for various purposes. Nowadays he carried selective breeding methods for the improvement of animals. This method primarily involves a combination of mating and selection of animals with improved genetic traits to create the desired character in animals.  Possible manipulation at the genetic level to get the desired character in animals is known as Transgenesis . Transgenesis refers to the phenomenon of the introduction of exogenous DNA into the genome to create to maintain a stable heritable character. Transgenic animals with new heritable characteristics are known as Genetically Engineered or Genetically Modif

Genus Blepharis : Blepharis mitrata plant

  Genus Blepharis  Blepharis mitrata  plant                                                                        Photo  H ey Friends! Have you any idea regarding Blepharis mitrata ?  No! Then let’s start the discussion about Blepharis mitrata. Blepharis mitrata is a plant found in rocky areas of Namibia (a Country in Southern Africa). This plant does not grow in the dunes. The whole plant is spiny with elliptical-shaped leaves. It is a species of plant in the family Acanthaceae ( the acanthus family). Other species of the Blepharis genus are B.grossa and B.pruinosa . Blepharis mitrata plants have medicinal properties to help cure hemorrhoids, Fontanel hardening, cough, and wounds. Taxonomic details  Kingdom- Plantae Subkingdom- Viridaeplantae Phylum- Tracheophyta Subphylum-Euphyllophytina Infraphylum-Radiatopses Class-Magnoliopsida Subclass-Lamiidae Superorder -Lamianae Order-Scrophulariales Family -Acanthaceae Genus-Blepharis List of Plants of Genus Blepharis Blepharis attenuata N

10 Famous Quotes Related to DNA

  10 Famous Quotes Related to DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid  #1 DNA was the first three-dimensional Xerox machine -Kenneth Ewart Boulding  #2 The greatest single achievement of nature to date was surely the invention of the molecule of DNA- Lewis Thomas  #3 DNA neither cares nor knows. DNA just is and we dance to its music-Richard Dawkins #4 Genes are like the story, and DNA is the language that the story is written, in-Sam Kean  #5 DNA is the messenger which illuminates that connection, handed down from generation to generation, carried, literally, in the bodies of my ancestors.-Bryan Sykes #6 DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created .-Bill Gates #7 DNA ties us all together; we share ancestry with barracuda and bacteria and mushrooms if you go far enough back.-Spencer Wells #8 DNA has nothing to do with success. Turn your genes into overalls and get to work.-Darren Hardy #9 God is dancing in our breath, singing in our thoughts, and celebrati