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Quotes related to Biotechnology : Top 10 quotes related to biotechnology

  Quotes related to Biotechnology  Top 10 quotes related to biotechnology                                                            Photo on “The rewards for biotechnology are tremendous -to solve disease, eliminate poverty, age gracefully. It sounds so much cooler than Facebook” -George M. Church  “Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes technology” -Ryan Bethencourt “If only the human body could handle trauma as well as biotechnology stocks do” -Alex Berenson  “Almost everybody is enthusiastic about the promise of biotechnology to cure disease and to relieve suffering” -Leon Kass “The success stories in biotechnology are mainly due to the straightforward application of design thinking in both the business and science aspects of our lean startups” -Ryan Bethencourt  “Biotechnology has made it technologically possible to build the monster; patent law is making it politically possible” -Neil Gerlach “I think the biggest innovations

Top 7 Fruits For Diabetic Patients , Should Be Added To Diet Plan For Diabetic person

  Top 7 Fruits For Diabetic Patients, Should Be Added To Diet Plan For Diabetic person                                                   Photo/Myriam Zilles/ Unsplash  D iabetes is a common disease. When blood glucose level becomes too high then it causes diabetes. Diabetes is mainly under the control of hormones i.e.insulin. Insulin hormone is made by the pancreas. Most commonly diabetes is of three types -Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and Gestational diabetes. In short high blood glucose is known as diabetes. This high blood glucose level in our also leads to other diseases like heart disease, dental disease, eye problems, nerve damage, food problems, stroke, kidney disease, etc. So, control of this high blood glucose is a very important task. After that, our minds thought of lots of methods to how to control it? What do we want to eat or not? In this blog I have a little bit of a diabetes solution, let's know about seven diabetes-friendly fruits. 1. Cherries: Cherries are

17 Selected Historical Foundation for the development of Biotechnology With Years ………………

  17 Selected Historical Foundation for the development of Biotechnology  With Years ……………… 1865: Inheritance of Genetic characters Of George Mendel 1917 : The term biotechnology was coined by Karl Ereky 1943: Industrial Production of Penicillin  1944: Identification of DNA as the genetic material  1953:Determination of DNA structure by Watson and Crick  1961: Launching of the journal of biotechnology and Bioengineering  1975:Production of Monoclonal antibodies by Kohler and Milstein  1976:National Institute of health, USA issued the first guidelines for rDNA research 1978:Production of Human Insulin in E.Coli 1980:U.S. Supreme Court rules that genetically engineered microorganisms can be patented  1981: First Diagnostic kits based on monoclonal antibodies approved in the U.S. 1982: the U.S. approved humulin i.e.human insulin, the first pharmaceutical product of eDNA technology, for human use 1988: U.S. patent granted to genetically engineered mouse i.e. susceptible to cancer 1990: Of