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Seed Crackers : Celebrate with Nature via ‘Beej Patakha ‘

  Seed Crackers  celebrate with Nature via ‘Beej Patakha ‘ P ollution is everywhere, When we see it all around us pollution is present everywhere either in the form of water, soil, air, and soil. There is some pollution that is hazardously produced by man. One of the major pollution that degrade our air is air pollution that we formed during our festive season by sprinkling cracker smoke in our atmosphere. Further this sparkling spark our body in the form of various respiratory diseases. Man is the only animal that fouls its own nest -Anomynous Now, we have to be aware of this air pollution causing pollutants and need to change our minds during the upcoming festive season and need to break the chain. If you want to burn the crackers then you can replace the harmful chemical crackers with eco-friendly seed crackers.  Now, the question arises in our mind- What are seed Crackers? The answer is here - Seed crackers are looks like traditional crackers but the difference is seed crackers co

20 Important types of equipment names that are used in the biotechnology field

  Name of equipment used in the Biotechnology lab Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done-Robert A. Heinlein  List of Name of Equipment used in a biotechnology lab  Autoclave Bioreactor Centrifuge Electrophoresis chamber Gas Chromatography  High — Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC) Incubators Laminar Air Flow Magnetic Stirrer Microcentrifuges Micropippete  Microscope pH Meter Plate Reader  Sonicator Spectrophotometry Thermal Cycler Vacuum Desiccators  Vortex Mixer  Weighing Scale Without laboratories, men of science are soldiers without arms-Louis Pasteur Image Reference