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Red Biotechnology

20 Major Applications Of Red Biotechnology

Red Biotechnology is a branch of modern biotechnology

The term Biotechnology was introduced by a Hungarian engineer, Karl Ereky in 1917. Ereky defined biotechnology as “ all lines of work by which products are produced from raw materials with the aid of living things”. Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary application. Biotechnological research has a wide range of applications that are shown in medical and health science, agriculture science, and environmental science.

Bio-Pharmaceutical is known as Red- Biotechnology. This branch of biotechnology is related to health care. The main utilization of this branch is shown in the field of medicine. Red biotechnology helps to improve the quality of life.

Red-Biotechnology has a wide range of applications. Many applications are shown in medical and health science, genetic engineering, gene therapy, and many more fields related to the medical line.

20 Major Applications of Red Biotechnology are:

1. Clinical Research And Trials

Red biotechnology includes sciences related to clinical research and trials that provide scientific analysis of the impact, risk, and benefits of medicines. The clinical research help in trial methodologies to designed materials. 

2. Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy is the process of inserting genes into cells to treat disease. Gene therapy primarily involves genetic manipulations in animals or humans to correct disease and keep the organism in good health. So, red biotechnology shows advances in research that help to understand the genetic basis of inherited disease via gene therapy. 

3. Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering involves the manipulation of genetic material (DNA). The base of genetic engineering is based upon the Recombinant technology i.e. rDNA technology, Gene cloning, Genetic modifications, and new genetics. All of these techniques are the grass root of genetic engineering. 

4. Diagnoses Of The Gene

For the detection of the gene that is more important to research and for the study of the entire gene, there is a need to isolate and diagnose the target gene. The technique name is PCR that is used for the diagnosis of the gene.

PCR i.e. Polymerase Chain Reaction technique is widely used to determine and diagnose genes. PCR is a thermocycler that is is used to amplify the specific DNA for further research. 

For further read about PCR open below mentioned link -

5.Production Of The Combination Vaccine

Recombinant DNA Technology is a boon to produce new generation vaccines. There are broadly categorized recombination vaccines into three groups- subunit recombinant vaccine, attenuated recombinant vaccines, and vector recombinant vaccines. There is a possibility of vaccinating several diseases with one recombinant vaccinia virus.

6. Research On Cancer And It’s Treatment

Red biotechnology plays a very important role in cancer research treatment. Biotechnology has to assume in the differential diagnosis of cancer, early detection of cancer, progression control, and proper treatment of cancer. Numerous techniques based on biotechnology field that is used in various cancer research program.

7. Stem Cells

Stem cells are basically introduced into the damaged area of the body, with the help of stem cells we can replace the damaged area. Stem cells have the main area like bone marrow, transplants, replacement of damaged heart tissues, replacement of damaged nerve tissues. This is very helpful in our medical science.

8. Diagnosis Of Various Disease

There is various disease that is caused due to pathogens and inherited genetic defects. Identification and diagnosis of this disease based upon the the genetic material of the living organisms. The presence of a disease-causing pathogen can be detected by identifying a gene or set of genes of the organism. 

9. Production Of Biochips 

Biochips is a very important technique, that is the combination of biotechnology, electronics, and computers. Biochips is a collection of a miniaturized test site that is capable of performing thousands of simultaneous biochemical reactions. Biochips quickly screen a large number of biological analyses for the detection and extensive study of genomic, proteomic, and functional genomic analysis.

10. Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics is the study related to genome role in drug response that helps in research to show how a person's gene effects and persons respond to medications. This study helps to improve health by helping the doctor to find the medicine that will safe to take.

11.Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is the creation of human tissue outside the body that is further used for later replacement. This is an also important technique in medical research.

12. Biopharmaceuticals

Biopharmaceutical is a combination of biotechnology and pharmaceutical science. Components of living organisms, their extraction, and byproducts are used to prevent and treat the disease. 

13. Developing New Drugs, Antibiotics, and Medicines 

Medical biotechnology is widely used for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various diseases. To treat bacterial infection antibiotic is used. By using biotechnology based techniques and methodologies we can improve the quality of medicine, and also discover new drugs for the further advanced treatment of disease and infection. 

14. Regenerative Medicines 

It is an interdisciplinary branch that is used to repair and regenerate the damaged cells and tissues and further restore their normal function. Regenerative medicine based on stem cell biotechnology. 

15. Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is used to examine a sample of blood or other body fluids, and genetic markers that help to indicate the presence and absence of genetic disease. Genetic tests serve many purposes like identity testing, used to determine child potentiality, inherited disease, etc. Common test diagnostic tests under genetic testing are -ultrasonography, amniocentesis Quadruple screen, etc. 

16. Molecular Diagnostics Technique

The molecular diagnostics technique is basically a collection of various techniques based on molecular biology that is applied to medical testing. These techniques are very helpful to diagnose and monitor the disease. These types of diagnostic techniques are very beneficial for the detection of a wide range of medical specialisms and genetic prediction of drugs.

17. Manipulation of Gene Expression In Host Cells

Achievement of maximal expression of cloned genes can be achieved by manipulations. Gene expression is regulated by molecule influence through DNA transcription and RNA translation. The manipulation of gene expression is carried out in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

18. Monoclonal Antibodies 

Monoclonal antibodies are a single type of antibody that is directed against a specific antigenic determinant. Monoclonal antibodies have a wide range of applications that can be applied in diagnostic applications, for therapeutics uses, protein purification, and shows it’s various miscellaneous applications in health care.

19. Human Protein Replacements 

In biotechnology science, recombinant DNA technology can be fruitfully employed to produce human proteins that can be used for the treatment of genetically linked diseases. 

20. Antisense Therapy 

A certain disorder like cancer, viral, parasitic infections, and inflammatory diseases result in the overproduction of certain normal proteins. To treat these types of diseases we need to blocking transcription by using a single-stranded nucleotide sequence that hybridizes with the specific gene. 

Antisense therapy is used to the inhibition of both translation and transcription by blocking the transcription factor responsible for specific gene expression. 


 The above discussion proves that red biotechnology plays a very important role in our research on medical science. These all the technology are very beneficial in our daily life and also beneficial for our health-related issues too. 

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