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Gold biotechnology


Gold biotechnology

The application of Bioinformatics in the biotechnology field is very vast. Have you heard about how computational biology take part in our daily life?

Yes, Bioinformatics plays an important role in biotechnology. This is a recently developed science using the information to understand the biological phenomenon.

Bioinformatics is a combination of biology and information technology. Basically, there is broadly involves the computational tools and method that helps to manage, analyze, to manipulate, and to store the biological data.

Bioinformatics is a subdiscipline of biology and computer that is basically used in the form of bioengineering. computers are very essential to handle large volumes of biological data. Bioinformatics is an essential tool for research in biotechnology and other biomedical sciences. 

Bioinformatics basically covers many specialized and advanced areas of biology like -Functional genomics, structural genomics, DNA microarrays, and medical informatics.

Bioinformatics comprises three components -

  1. Creation of databases
  2. Development of algorithms and statistics
  3. Analysis of data and interpretation

The application part of bioinformatics in biotechnology

Bioinformatics has revolutionized the advancements in biological science. Bioinformatics give largely benefited to biotechnology field. There are lots of applications of bioinformatics but here a selected list of applications of bioinformatics is given below:

1. Sequence mapping of biomolecules

DNA sequence coded with different types of base pairs in the form of sequence that is stored in databases. This type of information is used to analyze and determine the genes. So, bioinformatics is used in the sequence mapping of biomolecules. In bioinformatics there are computer-based programs such as BLAST is used for this purpose. 

2. Designing of primer sequence for PCR

Bioinformatics plays an important role in designing primer that is used in the process of PCR .i.e. Polymerase Chain Reaction. In bioinformatics there several online tools that are helping to design effective PCR primers. 

3. Production of functional genes products

Bioinformatics very useful in modern genomic research. It enables to help to generate and stimulate the new functional genes and their products. Bioinformatics also helps to improve functional genomic research. It covers all genomic studies with their experimental components. 

4. To trace the evolutionary tree of genes

There are different kinds of tools like Jalview, ClustalW2, and BLAST are used to compare DNA sequences that help to trace the evolutionary genes that are common to ancestors that shows bioinformatics shows its application in study to the evolutionary relationship. 

5. Designing of drugs for medical treatment

Bioinformatics helps to understand the process of drug design. There are several tools in bioinformatics that help to predict protein-drug interaction. During drug designing there is a tool name is BLAST ( Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) that helps to predict the amino acid sequence during drug designing. 

6. Handling of vast biological data

Bioinformatics provides the facility for the availability of big data for future use that further helps to utilize this data for data mining and analysis.

7. Identification of nucleotide sequences of functional genes

The role of bioinformatics in the identification of the nucleotide sequence of functional genes is vast. There is the number of computer programming and software tool that helps in identification of various nucleotide sequence of functional genes. 

8. Phylogenetic analysis

Bioinformatics application is also shown in phylogenetic analysis that helps in the estimation of evolutionary history, identification of rate of evolution, prediction of sequence function, and helps to identify the population history. 

9. Alteration in DNA

Bioinformatics is an information technology the techniques under bioinformatics is used for the analysis of DNA microarray data, genetic analysis, and used alteration of DNA. This type of technique is used in required mutation. 

10. Development of models for the functioning of various cells, tissue, and organs 

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that helps to develops the models that are used for the functioning of various cells, tissue, and organs. In Bioinformaticsthere are many computer-based techniques in which there are software tools are used to understand the biological data.

So, we can say that role of bioinformatics in biotechnology is very vast. Bioinformatics is a perfect combination of biology and computer technology. It plays an important role in biotechnology in the form of the field known as gold biotechnology. 


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