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Top 7 Fruits For Diabetic Patients , Should Be Added To Diet Plan For Diabetic person


Top 7 Fruits For Diabetic Patients,
Should Be Added To Diet Plan For Diabetic person

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Diabetes is a common disease. When blood glucose level becomes too high then it causes diabetes. Diabetes is mainly under the control of hormones i.e.insulin. Insulin hormone is made by the pancreas. Most commonly diabetes is of three types -Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and Gestational diabetes.

In short high blood glucose is known as diabetes. This high blood glucose level in our also leads to other diseases like heart disease, dental disease, eye problems, nerve damage, food problems, stroke, kidney disease, etc.

So, control of this high blood glucose is a very important task. After that, our minds thought of lots of methods to how to control it? What do we want to eat or not?

In this blog I have a little bit of a diabetes solution, let's know about seven diabetes-friendly fruits.

1. Cherries: Cherries are good for health. Cherries are beneficial for diabetic patients. Cherries extract helps to control the blood glucose level. Cherries contain a chemical that is known as anthocyanins that helps to boost up the insulin level that further helps to control blood sugar levels. So cherries are too good in the diet of a diabetic person.

2. Black Plums: Black plums are full of nutritious fruit that contain Protein, fat(>1gm), carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins (A, C, B6, E, K), Iron, Potassium, Magnesium Copper, Niacin, Riboflavin, and sugar. when black plum becomes dry then it is known as Prunes. It is a kind of stone fruit( Seed of the fruit). Black plums are rich in antioxidants. Black plums contain a chemical known as Polyphenol antioxidant that helps to reduce diabetes. Black plums are also known as diabetes superfoods.

3. Kiwi fruit: Kiwi is a bright green fruit that is covered under the fuzzy brown peel. Kiwi fruit contains Potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and carbohydrates. Kiwi contains an enzyme known as Inositol that helps to control the blood sugar level. Kiwi is a highly refreshing fruit.

4. Pears: pears have nutritional value to control diabetes. Its glycemic index is low that helps to control the blood sugar level. Pears protein-rich fruit and also contains carbohydrates, potassium, and vitamin C.Peras rich in Fructose and sorbitol that helps to increase its nutritional value also. Consumption of pears in a diet reduced the 18% risk of Type -2 diabetes. Pears contain anthocyanins that help to control Type 2 diabetes. 

5. Oranges: Oranges are sweet in taste and rich in vitamin C. Oranges are known as Diabetic food .oranges contain pectin and soluble fibers that help to control the sugar level and ultimately diabetes under control.

6. Avocados: According to botanically Avocados have a large seed coating in a large berry. It is good for diabetic people because it is low in carbs and rich in fibers that help to control blood sugar levels. Avocados low in carbohydrates result in a lower risk to increase blood sugar levels. It also helps to reduce weight and improves insulin sensitivity. 

7. Grapefruit: It is semi-sweet and bitter is the segmented type of flesh fruit. Grapefruit's other name is forbidden fruit. Grapefruit contains vitamins B6 and C. It contains carbohydrates, potassium, saturated fat, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. Grapefruit juice helps to reduce weight and fasting glucose. 

Other important facts of the above-mentioned fruits containing chemicals are :

  • Anthocyanins( Present in cherries) help to reduce heart disease risk.
  • Polyphenol antioxidant( Present in Black Plums ) shows positive effects on bone health and reduces the risk of heart disease also. 
  • Inositol ( enzyme present in Kiwi) maintains a glycemic index to extremely low. 
  • Anthocyanins ( Present in Pears) are good for gut health.
  • Pectin and soluble files ( present in oranges) lower the LDL cholesterol level.
  • Monosaturated fat ( present in avocados) helps to control blood pressure and heart disease. 

Thank you for Reading!

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